2 Dec 2023

Bloc Québécois bill seeks to eliminate religious belief as a defense against ‘hate speech’ 
The Bloc Québécois party is citing growing tensions in Canada as a reason to remove religion as a defense against “hate speech” charges in a newly tabled federal bill.

‘Internet of Trust’: Inside the United Nations Plan to Control Speech Online 
A powerful United Nations agency has unveiled a plan to regulate social media and online communication while cracking down on what it describes as “false information” and “conspiracy theories,” sparking alarm among free-speech advocates and top U.S.

Prolonged winter storm to batter Pacific Northwest with rain and heavy snow
The Pacific Northwest is bracing for a prolonged winter storm that is forecasted to last through the weekend, threatening the region with a mix of heavy rain in the coastal ranges and lower Cascades and significant snowfall in the mountain passes. This event corresponds with the CW3E’s forecast of several atmospheric rivers, set to affect the area from Saturday, December 2, 2023, through the following week.

IDF: We hit 200 Gaza targets since Hamas ceasefire violation; 50 rockets fired at Israel
The IDF says that since 7 a.m., following Hamas’s violation of the ceasefire, it has carried out airstrikes against some 200 targets across the Gaza Strip.

Bill Gates: Public Must Eat GM Foods to Fight ‘Climate Crisis’
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is calling on governments to start feeding the public genetically modified foods in order to fight the so-called “climate crisis.” Gates recently gave an address at the Africa Climate Summit where he was promoting his GM seeds and chickens.

The Digital Identity Wallet is an electronic leash with which Brussels wants to control its citizens
The agreement between the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union on the EU Digital Identitiy Wallet is open to abuse and gives Brussels the ability to deny people rights and control them.

SCARY: New Study Shows Pesticides Are Lowering Sperm Count 
A new study reveals pesticides used in gardens, homes, and lawns have resulted in a dramatic decline in sperm count among men around the globe.

Gene-Edited Humans? Scientists Sound Alarm as UK Approves CRISPR Therapy to Treat Blood Disease
U.K. regulators on Thursday approved a therapy that uses CRISPR gene editing technology to treat two blood disorders. U.S. federal regulators are poised to approve that same treatment in December.

MILLIONS Of Americans Being Surveilled Through Secret Cellphone Program, Are You Compromised?
Are you a subscriber of AT&T’s cellular network? If so, pay extra attention to this report. According to a new report from WIRED magazine, millions of Americans have had their digital and communication privacy utterly compromised by the wireless carrier.

CCP Pushes Organ Donation Program, Increasing Concerns of Forced Organ Harvesting
China’s top human organ donation watchdog has again been campaigning to have Chinese nationals register in its “voluntary human organ donation” database since July this year.

Congress charges forward with proposed BAN on Chinese Communist Party-linked biotech company believed to be stealing DNA from Americans
Congress is closing in on an effective ban of a China-based genomics company accused of stealing Americans’ DNA and exploiting Covid to collect genetic data.

“High Court Officer Tries To Break Into Home To Collect On Unpaid BBC TV License Fees.” – Why is This Still Happening?
The British Bullshi…er, Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is an “elaborate, sophisticated UK state propaganda outlet described by the UK establishment as ‘Britain’s soft power’.”Ban the BBC group say, “It uses clever manipulation and selective use of facts to push out the message the BBC’s masters want while suppressing and playing down alternative viewpoints.” they explain, and now with the launch of the Orwellian ‘BBC Verify’ in 2023, the BBC has taken on a new, insidious role acting in effect as a ‘Ministry of Truth’.

Full-Blown Revolution in Ireland? Overthrow of Government?
Or just a few days of protest over an Algerian immigrant stabbing Irish children outside a school? Things could explode in massive fury, because the government is trying to push through a new Hate Speech law.

Doctors who insist on providing only phone or internet consultations are dangerous and should be fired 
A new study published in the BMJ Quality & Safety journal found that GP appointments over the phone or online risk harming patients.

War Criminal and Depopulationist Henry Kissinger dies
Henry Kissinger died on Wednesday at his home in Connecticut. The notorious war criminal and depopulationist was 100. An investigation conducted in 1981 by Executive Intelligence Review uncovered that, during the Carter administration, Kissinger was central to the apparatus that formulated the US foreign policy’s aim to reduce the world’s population by 2 billion people through war, famine, disease and any other means necessary.


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