2 testimonies recently of miracles: the first from the pastors…

2 testimonies recently of miracles: the first from the pastors wife where we preached recently

We received a praise report this afternoon from the Revival with Tim Hall Evangelist…A lady came to the revival with Becky Allen on Saturday night…..She said the Lord told her, ” that he would meet her need at the revival”…. She had a “mass in her stomach that was cancer she said her doctors have been monitoring it”. Today her doctor told her that the mass is ” not there, I can’t explain it, it’s gone”. She said Jesus healed her after she was prayed for Saturday night!!!!!! Thank you Jesus, Praises to our Lord.

I received this Testimony last night from another revival…

“My mom is the little red woman with my sister Missy she had seizures u had someone to get some water you told her to look down and close her eyes You poured water on her head and said that she was going to be healed and that night she was”

In the same revival a woman got out of her wheelchair and walked that had never walked in her life and was healed.

Miracles are still Happening today…

Tim Hall
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