Month: December 2005

Wow what a day!

Life Springs Fellowship has set another record! On December 18th 2005 we broke our attendance record again. The prior record was set back in November when we had 65 people in our church. The new record is 77 people in one service. This is a great accom... »


Well... I have been sick these past few days with a sore throat and sinus drainage. It stinks because I feel bad, but I have stuff to do. Please pray for me that all this stuff will go away.Also, I know this may sound retarded, but if you guys can, p... »


What an opportunity we have on December 25th Christmas day. We can show the world what the church is really about. "CHRIST". It breaks my heart to see so many churches closing the doors on Christmas day. When it could be a great opportunity to show Ch... »

No Power & Christmas Drama

Hey guys!! So, just about everyone went without power for at least a little while. It makes you think about how much technology effects our lives. It's hard having no electricity for a day, but think about some of your grandparents and great-grandpa... »

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