Well... I have been sick these past few days with a sore throat and sinus drainage. It stinks because I feel bad, but I have stuff to do. Please pray for me that all this stuff will go away.

Also, I know this may sound retarded, but if you guys can, please pray for my cat. If some of you don't know, my cat has broken its hip bone in half, and he is having to just recooperate on his own. It's really sad because he can only walk a little bit without having to lay down and when he walks, he cries. But, last night, me and Taylor walked in, and we could not find him anywhere in the house, but then we found him. He had crawled up all of our stairs and was laying up under my bed. He hasn't come out from there, so if you guys can just pray for him that would be great. I know it may sound kind of silly asking for prayer for a cat, but God made the animals too and he loves them as much as he loves us.

Thanks for the prayers, and I will see you tonight!