Month: February 2006

Pastor Dave is home

and recovering. He needs to rest for the next two weeks. »

Wanted to let you know…

Just wanted to let you guys know that there is only5 DAYS UNTIL MY 20TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! »

School & Dorm Wars & Other Stuff

So... my life has kind of been hectic lately!! Starting with last week I had DORM WARS...DORM WARSThis is the funnest thing ever!!! The gym is packed out with people and all of the dorms nominate 7 people to be on the team. First, all the teams come... »

Please pray for Pastor Dave.

He was involved in a car smash this afternoon and is in hospital with a fractured sternum and a head wound which required minor surgery. He is comfortable as far as I am aware.Will update as and when possible. »