Month: March 2006

I’m Coming Home

I am just really excited about coming home this weekend. My two roommates, Valerie and Brandi are coming home with me!! I just thought that you guys would like to know. See you this weekend. »

Being Sick….

So.. this weekend was not the best at all for me!! Friday was alright, I was feeling ok. I made supper over at Blake's, and then my roommate and me watched some movies. Well, I woke up in the middle of the night not feeling well at all. I don't thi... »

Energized and Enthusiastic

In the last several weeks in our bible studies, I have been talking about the Acts 2 church and if that church is the same as the church that we see today. Sunday I talked about the characteristics that are associated with that church. The very first c... »

Why do people come to church???

I have given this alot of thought lately, and have decided that the reason is the need for healing. So many are hurting and in need of a healer. What is not needed is more religion and judgement. Those things can be found in the world. We need to show ... »