Month: April 2008

The Effect of Culture

The sub-culture of the church in Jerusalem almost destroyed the budding Christian movement with its insistence on adherence to certain ritualistic practices found in Torah. As I read Acts, it is actually the church at Antioch that started the true cul... »

Culturally Relevant?

Should the church be culturally relevant or counter-cultural? This question is critical for those who are interested in evangelism. The word that is commonly used here is "missional." For some missional means that Christians should fulfill the social a... »

The Engel Scale

-10 Awareness of the supernatural-9 No effective knowledge of Christianity-8 Initial Awareness of Christianity-7 Interest in Christianity-6 Awareness of basic facts of the Gospel-5 Grasp of implications of the Gospel-4 Positive attitude to the Gospel-3... »

Change, change, change. . . .

Change, change, change. . . .

When one thinks of change it suggests an event or result that brings a person or organization from one state or mode of operating to another. In the Lewin-Schein change model the process is threefold: unfreeze-change-refreeze. The unfreeze stage is ... »

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