Month: May 2008

Prophesy Preaching; really, preaching the prophets

Really sucked you in with that title, eh? Anyway, something I have been thinking about for a week is how my context uses the prophetic texts in sermons. The Prophets are rich and expansive in what they tell us both about God's character and the human h... »

Pause and Reflect 2008-05-25 13:11:00

Hey look for updates and pictures of the family at! »

Is there a Pentecostal Missional Paradigm?

A question that has been perplexing me for the last few weeks is, "Is there a Pentecostal Missional Paradigm?" First, a quick definition of missional; missional is a particular approach to ministry that changes the focus from an inward focused paradig... »

What is the Gospel?

I was driving on the highway today in Columbus, when the Christian radio station I was listening to asked the question what is the Gospel? I felt led, ummm compelled, to call the station. After speaking to the screener, they immediately put me on the... »

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