Is there a Pentecostal Missional Paradigm?

A question that has been perplexing me for the last few weeks is, "Is there a Pentecostal Missional Paradigm?" First, a quick definition of missional; missional is a particular approach to ministry that changes the focus from an inward focused paradigm to an outward looking paradigm. When applying this to the local church, being missional means that the business of the church is not isolated within the "four walls" of the building, but the purpose and mission of the church is focused completely within the public sphere. The local church then becomes the place of celebration and worship for all that God has accomplished in the community. So then, the question again is, "What would a Pentecostal expression of missional ministry look like?"

First, to be Pentecostal, then by its very nature, one maintains a belief in the supernatural. There are several supernatural gifts that are listed within the writings of Paul (healings, miracles, prophecy, 1 Cor. 12 and others). How effective is it to see these miracles take place within the walls of the church, but for them to never take place outside? Granted, the local church is strengthened, but according to Acts 1:8 -- one of the major verses that Pentecostals use to justify their understanding of Baptism in the Holy Spirit -- Pentecostals are given this supernatural power for a WITNESS.

Therefore, how powerful would it be if the Pentecostal people would be actively out in the community using their supernatural gifts? Would not the greatness of the witness be enhanced as the laity lay hands on the sick and see them recover? The power of this witness would be astounding as people would actually see the power of the Spirit active in the community.

However, needy people should not be looking for the Pentecostals, but that those that are Spirit Baptized should be looking for needy people.