Month: May 2010

Concerns for The Church

Today, I shared out of Ephesians 3:1-13 where Paul shares what the main business of the Church is.  Unfortunately, the Church gets caught up in a number of side agendas and forgets or marginalizes the life and mission Christ instructs us to live. Rather than the Church being radically committed to the Great Commission and the Great Commandment, we often […]

I want to be like Him!

I remember almost every morning waking up to the sound of my parents calling on the name of God. I don’t mean loud is Godly, but I do know they were not praying to be heard! They were calling on the name of God to help them and protect me. They want…

The Holy Spirit & Desert Roads

Crowds throng to the flash, the pomp, the explosive, the sensational. We want to see the explosive (dunamis) power of the Holy Spirit. We equate the Holy Spirit with explosive and immediate power. Well, we should. Holy Spirit power is explosive power! But, it is not only the power to see the extraordinary or Acts […]

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