Month: May 2010

As Long As I Live

Today, I am going to continue to look at Psalms 63 and in particular verse 4. Here David says, "I will praise you as long as I live." I other words, "as long as there is breath in my body, I will praise you." David understood that his real life purp... »

Praying about more school…..I know, I’m insane:)

I’ve often counseled people to strive to be life-long learners. I really believe that we all should continue to learn, grow and stretch ourselves in our particular field and especially in His Word. Well, after completing my doctorate a few years ago I’ve really stunk it up on the continual learner thing. Yeah, I’ve been [...] »

Better Than Life!

In Psalms 63:3, David prays to God and says, "Your Lovingkindness is BETTER than life." Wow! What a statment. In other words, without God's love life isn't worth living. There is nothing in this life better than God's love toward us. The Bible tea... »

Emails you love….

I got Chavonda’s permission to post this. Be encouraged that God DOES still heal and deliver!!! Oh, what ONE prayer can do! so more than counselors, Dr.s and medications!!! Praise God! Hi Pastor Jeremy, This is Chavonda, you prayed for me Wednesday night after service. Words could not express how I am feeling right now. [...] »