Month: July 2014

HJ-111 Deciphering End Time Prophetic Code / Hijacking the Holy Spirit Package

Order at: Manna-Fest offer HJ-111 includes Perry’s March 2014 new release “Deciphering End Times Prophetic Codes” book that explains how that at times, the future is concealed in past events and these events flow in cyclical patterns. Perry wants to teach you these cycles, how they work and what they predict. In this dynamic expose’ Perry has tapped into numerous cyclical patterns including possible repetitive cycles effecting America and its leaders. In his new book, […]

Crack in Your Armor/Blood Moons Package | Offer ARM-112

Order at: Perry’s new landmark book, There is a Crack in Your Armor, and the latest prophetic DVD, Blood Moons Rising and the Passover Patterns are available now as Manna-Fest offer ARM-112. Believers that have served Christ for many years are suddenly hitting spiritual roadblocks, heavens that seem like they are made of brass, and many other hindrances they have never before encountered. With his time running short, Satan is releasing new levels of […]

2014 Prophetic Summit Album

Order below DVD: CD: The OCI Main Hall was packed to capacity with over 2800 attendees, who came anticipating receiving a, “right now” word and they were not disappointed! Countless seasoned partners said, “I have never been in a conference like this and have never heard such revelation from the Bible in my life!” Many of you have asked if we can make these messages available. The “Inside information” was not recorded, only […]

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