20churches.com: Official Release


We are honored and humbled to introduce an innovative ministry instrument, which can increase your church influence in the community.

20churches.com is a FREE web tool that networks pastors with leading ministry experts to helping churches grow and prosper by increasing:

Leadership reach and effectiveness
Volunteer team building strategy
Communicational and conflict resolution
Mobile strategy as a church
Web presence on the social networks
Overall ministry’s vision and mission

The website’s algorithm analyzes church influence and reach within the community based on: (1) your survey results, (2) your local demographics and (3) leading ministry expertise combined with national church trends.

Go to 20churches.com to see your current church influence
Fill out the online survey to receive an instant free report
Choose among leading experts to increase your church influence

Please leave your feedback as it will help us improve our methodology and assist others. You can also check the current national church trends at:http://20churches.com/trends/

This service is free. Your information is confidential and will not be used for offers or reselling. Click here to begin now: 20churches.com

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