23 June 2024

Destructive flooding strikes French and Swiss Alps
Heavy rainfall and snowmelt caused catastrophic flooding in the French and Swiss Alps on June 11, 2024. In the French village of La Berarde, 97 people were stranded, and in Switzerland’s Zermatt, the Mattervispa river flooded the town center.

Watch: Hail flows like lava during severe thunderstorm in Nebraska
A wild hailstorm left a surreal scene in Nebraska where clumps of accumulating hail oozed across a Scottsbluff yard as if it were being covered by frozen lava.

Thunderstorms expected to impact Northeast, New England on Sunday
As a frontal boundary attempts to slice through the warm, humid air from the Northeast’s recent heat wave, a few storms are expected to turn severe on Sunday, potentially bringing hail, damaging winds and even a few tornadoes.

Filipino poor scavenge for recycled food to survive
They call it “pagpag,” meaning dusted off or recycled, and it usually refers to food. Garbage scavengers in the impoverished Manila area of Tondo are not looking just for re-usable goods among the rubbish but, increasingly, for food to feed their families.

China Buying Up Land Near Strategic US Military Bases, 19 American Locations Potentially Compromised
Chinese land purchases near strategic military bases in the United States are causing even more concern about the amount of political and strategic power the country wields in America.

White Christians being replaced in Europe 
A “militant” faction of pro-migration politicians is overseeing the “replacement” of white European Christians with Muslim immigrants, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has declared.

Islamic Honor Killing in Germany: Afghan Parents Arrested for Murdering ‘Westernized’ 15-Year-Old Daughter 
Honor killing is the product of an Islamic society that finds its justification in the Qur’an and Islamic tradition.

DEI in aviation is making flying less safe
Earlier this month, former FAA test pilot Brett Vance….and retired…airline captain Kevin Stillwagon discussed diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DEI”) in commercial aviation. “I’m convinced that … in the aviation industry there’s a good chance that if you follow DEI principles exclusively, we could cause some fatalities,” Vance said. Dr. Stillwagon agreed. “We’re already seeing some signs of this,” he said

The Powers That Be wanted to enslave humanity. Instead, they caused a Great Awakening 
…“They have exposed themselves,” Oliver said. “They’ve gone galloping towards the finishing line too early, in the wrong way, and too many people have seen it.

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