24 Dec 2023

Most in US will experience Christmas without snow this year
Millions of Americans will feel above-average temperatures for Christmas and much of next week as a large ridge of high pressure sets up over the central U.S., spreading December warmth throughout most of the Lower 48…some cities will be 50 degrees warmer this Christmas than last.

Germany To Permanently Deploy Troops for First Time Since World War II
A new agreement between Germany and Lithuania will lead to German troops’ first permanent foreign deployment since World War II.

Top secret Chinese spaceplane is releasing strong signals over North America – months after US shot down China’s spy balloon that collected intelligence from military sites
A top secret Chinese spaceplane that launched into orbit last week is sending strong signals over North America. The craft – dubbed Shenlong after a spirit dragon from Chinese mythology – has released six mysterious objects after reaching the Earth’s orbit for the third time in three years.

Cuba quietly authorizes euthanasia
Cuba on Friday became the second country in Latin America and the Caribbean to authorize euthanasia, following Colombia.

Ablechild on Mass Killings: More Likely Related to Big Pharma than to Guns
AbleChild reports that going after the gun manufacturers after mass killings is not the answer.  What needs to be looked into is the psychiatric drugs involved.

Inside the doomsday bunkers Mark Zuckerberg and billionaires are building
Mark Zuckerberg is building a 5,000 square-foot doomsday bunker in his sprawling Hawaii compound. Surprising? Not really. He’s far from the only billionaire living in fear of what they all call ‘The Event’.

Radical Liberal Arts Professor at University of Minnesota Calls to “Decolonize” and “Dismantle” US
Melanie Yazzie, a professor at the University of Minnesota, called for the U.S. to be ‘decolonized’ during a pro-Palestine event earlier this month. The professor and other far-left speakers who are anti-capitalists spoke on stage at the university during a “teach-in” with the group Red Nation.

Sharia Australia: Al Madina Dawah Centre’s Calls for Death of Non-Muslims Ignored While Covid Mandate Violators Imprisoned 
The Al Madina Dawah Centre’s relentless Islamic sermons advocating violent jihad unmask a deep societal denial, exposing Islam not as a religion of peace, but a cunningly disguised political ideology aggressively pushing its extremist agenda under the cloak of religious freedom.

New World Order: Pope Francis’ Lieutenant blasphemes Jesus Christ
Pope Francis’ silence on the recent blasphemy of the Lord Jesus Christ by one of his close confidants is an advance of the New World Order within the Catholic Church. Father Antonio Spadaro S.J., one of Pope Francis’ close friends and advisers, recently blasphemed Jesus Christ, calling Him “stymied and callous” and “indifferent.”

Experts Warn – WEF’s Net Zero Goals Will Kill 4 Billion People
The World Economic Forum (WEF) and its fellow unelected globalist leaders are pushing for governments around the world to phase out fossil fuels. Leading experts have spoken out against their plans and are warning the public that the WEF’s “Net Zero” goal to eliminate fossil fuels will result in the deaths of over four billion people or more.

WEF’s deep involvement in a nefarious LGBT agenda 
“Working together, restoring trust” was the theme of the 52nd annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (“WEF”) held in 2022. Ironically, during this meeting, GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis verified WEF’s deep involvement in a nefarious LGBT agenda.

Author of Study Used to Vilify Unvaxed Had Ties to Pfizer
A new peer-reviewed study re-examined the mathematical models used to justify policies that barred unvaccinated people from public venues. The study conducted by researchers Joseph Hickey, Ph.D., and Denis Rancourt, Ph.D., found the models were not only based on the application of flawed mathematical risk models,” but also that the author of a key study, David Fisman, had ties to Pfizer and other vaccine manufacturers.

DEADLY SECRETS EXPOSED: Unvaccinated accounted for just 5% of COVID-19 Deaths between Jan & May 2023 & over 90% of Deaths were among the 3x & 4x Vaccinated 
A report quietly published by the UK Government confirms the COVID-19 injections are far from effective because the unvaccinated population has accounted for just 5% of COVID-19 deaths in England since the beginning of 2023, while the 3 and 4 times vaccinated population has accounted for 95% of COVID-19 deaths among the vaccinated, with the vast majority of those deaths being recorded among the 4x vaccinated.

INVASION: Illegals Near NYC’s Floyd Bennett Field Going Door to Door Begging for Money, Food 
Illegals being housed at a tent shelter at Floyd Bennett Field in NYC are going door to door in the neighboring community begging for cash, food, and clothes.


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