25 Sep 2023

Is a Palestinian state coming?

It’s hard to believe that a two-bit thug like Mahmoud Abbas could make demands of Israel, but he’s gotten away with it since his boss, the demonic Yasser Arafat, completed the only humane act of his miserable life by leaving it in 2004.

Abbas, an old-school terrorist from the PLO, has now “served” as president of the Palestinian Authority for now, oh, 17 years without an election.

Abbas is somewhat on the sidelines as the Israelis, Americans, and Saudis negotiate a possible long-range security deal with the oil-rich desert kingdom. Among the issues being discussed is a security arrangement, first between the U.S. and the Saudis, and secondly, a similar deal with Israel. What the two Middle East countries get between themselves is a cultural and business openness not previously possible. This is perhaps the centerpiece of the deal originally negotiated with other Arab states by Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Naturally, the regime in Washington intends to take credit for it, as the Jerusalem Post puts it:

“’If the Biden administration succeeded [in making what] I believe is the biggest historical deal since the end of the Cold War, then we are going to start a relationship [with Israeli] and that is a relationship that will continue regardless of who is running Israel,’ bin Salman said.”

Typical of the corrupt Biden, who has refused to invite Netanyahu to the White House and only spoke to him this week in New York. Biden has always touted his “good friend, Bibi” routine, but of course he throws the Jewish state under the bus if it suits him, although I’m not sure he despises Israel as much as Obama does.

But I digress.

There are some interesting “read-between-the-lines” nuggets in the Post article. One involves possible motives for the parties trying to fast-track the deal (an Israeli official thinks a deal might be signed in 2024).

China is a threat to literally everyone and the Western principals in the Saudi deal fear growing Chinese influence in the Middle East. So they are willing to consider a nuclear Saudi Arabia, which, in my opinion, is a colossal blunder. It is my personal feeling that none of the Arab states can be trusted regarding Israel’s security. I also wouldn’t make the deal because of the Saudi demand that a Palestinian state be established.

Listen to this perspective from Saudi leaders:

“The Crown Prince himself warned in his Fox News interview that should Iran develop nuclear weapons, Saudi Arabia would do so as well.

“’We are concerned with any country getting nuclear weapons,’ bin Salman said, but he stated if Iran ‘gets one, we have to get one.’”

It seems to me that knocking-out Iran’s nuclear program would make the need for any other state to have one a moot point. I still hold out hope Netanyahu is serious about doing that.

But it is the issue of a Palestinian state that just won’t die. I noticed this week in the Washington Institute that Dennis Ross is still peddling the same soggy mess—the two-state solution—that has been promoted by all Western diplomats for the last 30 years. Most have been bad characters, although I would concede some of them might be dupes or simply soft in the head. There are classic liberals that aren’t exactly radicals, but they sincerely believe the concepts and philosophies they learn at Harvard and Yale.

In other words, ideologies that don’t work in the real world.

No amount of diplomacy and dinner parties will ever make Palestinian leaders anything other than the killers they’ve always been. To negotiate with them is folly.

At a foundational level, this is the difference in philosophy between the Martin Indyks and Yossi Beilins of the world and Ze’ev Jabotinsky and a young Ariel Sharon. Diplomacy with your enemies vs. bullets.

Prophetically, as much as I detest the idea that Israel would show weakness by negotiating with people that wish to see them dead, there must be a scenario in the future in which the Jewish state is truly vulnerable.

It is then their God will intervene, and for all time.

Until that moment arrives, we must continue to pray for Israel daily, with specific petitions for specific issues.

Like her negotiations with enemies.








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