26 Feb 2024

Soaring temperatures could shatter over 300 temperature records this week 
An unseasonable warmup will continue to spread throughout most of the U.S. this week, with high temperatures from Texas to the Midwest feeling more like May than the end of meteorological winter.

Powerful storm could bring blizzard conditions to West, severe weather to Midwest
The FOX Forecast Center is tracking a powerful cross-country storm expected to begin Sunday in the West, bringing heavy mountain snow and possible blizzard conditions to higher elevations before continuing to push off to the east, where millions in the Midwest will be at risk of severe weather.

Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis among 48 million at risk of severe weather
A powerful cross-country storm is expected to begin impacting the U.S. with heavy mountain snow in the West starting later Sunday, but as the storm advances off to the east, it will bring the risk of severe weather to major cities in the Midwest like St. Louis, Chicago and Indianapolis by Tuesday.

Tucker Carlson Poses an Unexpected COVID Vaccine Question
Rancourt and his fellow scientists conducted an in-depth, post-vaccine analysis, looking at over a dozen countries. What they found is that that all-cause mortality increased every time the COVID-19 shots were deployed.

New York Elementary School Hands Out ‘Black Lives Matter’ Coloring Book Promoting Transgender Affirmation
A New York elementary school is handing out Black Lives Matter coloring books promoting transgender “affirmation” to children in kindergarten through fifth grade.

Drought worsens in Mediterranean; Barcelona struggles with water shortages
A severe drought in parts of Spain, Italy and North Africa may get even worse with forecasters warning hot and dry months lie ahead.

New report details atrocities of persecution in Nigeria with 8,000 Christians killed last year alone
A new report detailing the atrocities of the persecution of Christians in Nigeria reveals that more than 8,000 Christians were killed in 2023 by Islamic militants in a bloodbath that international watchdogs are calling an ongoing genocide.

Texas Celebrates Taking Island Back From Cartel After Military Operation
Texas officials are celebrating the seizure of an island near the United States-Mexico border described as a “safe haven” for cartel drugs and weapons.

Google Gemini is accused of being racist towards white people: Users claim the AI bot refuses to create images of Caucasian people – after asking for photos of Popes, Vikings, and country music fans
Google Gemini is accused of being racist towards white people: Users claim the AI bot refuses to create images of Caucasian people – after asking for photos of Popes, Vikings, and country music fans

Doctor warns WHO pandemic treaty includes ‘gain of function’ data sharing 
The infamous WHO Pandemic Treaty being pushed by left-wing globalists includes provisions for “gain of function” data sharing between nations, a move that would make it impossible to trace the source of future biolab leaks, should any occur, warns a medical doctor writing under the pen name “A Midwestern Doctor.”

Mercenaries or Volunteers? American Citizens Are Fighting for Both Russia and Ukraine
During these two years of war in Ukraine, people from all over the world felt compelled – either by ideology, compassion, or expectations of monetary gains – to head for the theater of hostilities to engage in combat for one of the warring sides.

Enemy Within: U.S. Charges Two Foreign Nationals for Trafficking Iranian Oil to Fund Islamic Terrorism 
Curiously, despite the high-profile nature of this case and the serious charges levied against Shaoyun Wang and Mahmood Rashid Amur Al Habsi, it appears no U.S. agency or news outlet has released any photographs of the alleged terrorists.

Great Replacement: EU Spokesperson Claims ‘Arabic is a European Language’ on ‘Mother Language Day’ 
Luis Miguel Bueno’s controversial claim that Arabic is a ‘European language’ on Mother Language Day sparks heated debate over the Great Replacement theory.

We must start treating ourselves and our children as wonderful creations of God
…the spiritual battle that has raged throughout history but became very evident during the covid “pandemic”. Early on, in March 2020, we observed not only the shutdown of most of society but, perhaps most striking was, what happened with our churches.  We were told it was too dangerous to gather together and worship God. Imagine that. The God who tells us we have nothing to fear and these so-called church leaders folded like a cheap suit when called to close by political leaders.

Israeli Navy carries out ‘extensive’ drills in preparation for potential war in north
The Israeli Navy’s fleet of missile boats carried out “extensive” exercises over the past week, the IDF said on Friday, as the military prepares for potential war in the north while Israel warns that its patience for a diplomatic solution is running out.

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