27 May 2024

Standing Up to Evil

Israel’s present circumstances are instructive for us as individuals.

Have you ever been in an intense relationship—romantic, your job, a longtime friend—and you realized you were being manipulated and pressured and perhaps even blackmailed?

We all have.

Sometimes we give in, such as if you’re in an abusive relationship, and you apologize for things you didn’t do, or you agree to an arrangement that is not just. All to placate someone.

That just feeds the monster.

Other times, though, the bully finds that he is opposite someone that won’t buckle. Even when the pressure continues unabated for an extended period of time. You look them in the eye and simply say, No.

That’s when the pressure goes away and peaceful sleep comes at night.

This is the situation the Jewish state finds herself in right now.

For weeks now, withering pressure from “allies” and enemies has threatened Israel’s just war against the Hamas demons. Very similar to the Kitchen Sink agenda Donald Trump’s enemies have, Israel has been threatened and cajoled and defamed. The goal has been to let Hamas escape, thus winning the war.

In historic ways, the international community has pummeled the Israelis, thus proving Isaiah 5:20 as a prophecy meant for our time.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

But Israel has stood firm. Even internal, domestic pressures from soulless politicians, and the emotional pleas from the families of hostages…all have failed to deter Israel from finally entering Rafah, the last stronghold of Hamas.

As we speak, the IDF is systematically finishing-off Hamas.

I will be blunt: the United States government apparatus right now is evil. They are enemies of truth and freedom. Providing cover for beasts that rape, burn, and torture Israeli citizens, the Biden[Obama] Regime will one day face the Ultimate Judge.

Still, the IDF marches on. According to the Jerusalem Post:

“Tziad al-Din al-Sharfa, the deputy commander of National Security in the Gaza Strip was killed when Air Force fighter jets attacked on Thursday in the center of the Gaza Strip.”

“Additionally, earlier this week, the terrorist Yusuf al-Shobaki was attacked and killed in the city of Gaza. He served as an operative in the Industrial Equipment Department of Hamas’ production headquarters.”

In Rafah right now, the IDF is closing-in on Sinwar and the top five Hamas commanders. The last four battalions are being dismantled and destroyed. At the same time, in the north, war gets closer with Hezbollah.

But have you noticed that on the battlefield, Israel is making astonishing gains? There is only one elite military in the Middle East and it marches under the Star of David.

For the longest, supporters of Israel have fretted over Hezbollah’s capabilities, primarily because of the huge stockpile of missiles and rockets aimed at Israel’s breadbasket. Yet Israeli’s precision strikes for years have set the terrorists back. I have no doubt that while Hezbollah is responsible for the displacement of tens of thousands of Israeli citizens from the north, victory will belong to Israel. They are capable of fighting on multiple fronts.

This past week Hezbollah continued its escalation and claimed responsibility for 68 attacks on military and civilian targets in northern Israel, including the aerial detection and warning system surveillance blimp. The attacks killed an Israeli civilian and wounded 12 IDF soldiers. Hezbollah fired “Jihad Mughnieh” heavy rockets for the first time and for the first time, launched S-5 air-to-surface rockets from a UAV. In response, Israeli Air Force aircraft attacked Hezbollah military facilities in south Lebanon and the Lebanon Valley and carried out targeted attacks on field commanders of Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations.

Remember how the world told Israel what they couldn’t accomplish in Gaza? This was all bluff. Despite fighting with both arms and legs tied behind their backs by immoral international players, Israel has demolished Hamas in the Gaza Strip. It’s brilliance will be studied for generations.

In reality—and this is a lesson for us as individuals—the enemy is the one that is desperate and cornered. Bluffing and huffing, he hopes against hope that the Just will fold. Don’t let that happen. If you resist, you will win. And when it’s life and death, all the sweeter.

The good guys will win.




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