3 Mar 2024

Odds of volcanic eruption remains in Iceland
Dozens of earthquakes shook the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland on Saturday morning as officials warned that the odds of a volcanic eruption had increased, but by Saturday evening, officials said the threat of an eruption had diminished.

Dangerous blizzard continues pounding California with feet of snow, 190 mph winds 
Feet of snow, 190-mph wind gusts, drivers stuck on closed freeways and even a tornado have already pummeled California during a days-long blizzard underway in the Sierra Nevada, and it is expected to continue for several more days.

Multiple States Prepare for Vaccines to Be Added to Food Supply: Doctor Warns About ‘Genetically Adulterated’ Food with No Long-Term Safety Data
Legislators in Tennessee and Arizona appear to be preparing their states for the addition of vaccines to their food supply. Though they come from different states, the two bills were introduced only weeks apart. Neither of the bills prohibit vaccines from being added to food. Rather, they accept the addition as inevitable.

WEF Pushes Ban on Home-Grown Food to ‘Fight Climate Change’ 
The World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling on governments to ban the general public from growing their own food at home by arguing that they are causing “climate change.”

CVS, Walgreens to Begin Selling Abortion Drugs Ahead of SCOTUS Case
CVS and Walgreens are set to begin selling abortion drugs “within a week,” ahead of a Supreme Court battle challenging the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) rollback of safety restrictions for mifepristone, the first drug used in a two-drug medication abortion regimen.

Letitia James wants Colorado Supreme Court to force Christian baker to make cake celebrating Satanist’s sex change
“Masterpiece Cakeshop, a Colorado bakery, refused to make a customer a cake when they found out it was to celebrate her transition,” James said. “This bakery has discriminated against LGBTQ+ people before, and I’m urging the Colorado Supreme Court to stop this transphobic discrimination.”

Comedian Katt Williams on Joe Rogan’s Podcast: Transgenderism Is Connected to Satanic Baphomet Cult
Unless you have been living under a rock, the issue of Satanism among the elites – as well as in Hollywood and the Music Industry – isn’t anything new. But even the better informed of us couldn’t help but gasp in horror at the new revelations from Comedian Katt Williams in Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Austria: 17 Migrant Youths, Known to Police, Repeatedly Gang Rape and Blackmail 12-Year-Old Girl, Films Attacks Over Several Months 
All 17 suspects, all known to police, reportedly showed no remorse or guilt, have been released from police custody, and are now at large.

Google Blasted for Gemini AI ‘Erasing White People From History’ – Calls Arise for CEO Sundar Pichai to Be Replaced
Google recently unveiled its new AI Chatbot Gemini, and it turned out to be a total dud – sending Alphabet stocks tumbling and raising concerns that the company may not be able to bypass the insane political bias shown by the new application to produce serious and competitive products.

Gene-edited mosquitos get released, now dengue fever rockets by 400%
Dengue fever, carried by mosquitoes, is swamping the populations of Brazil and Peru, Argentina, Laos and causing major concerns in other parts of the world.

CDC Downgrades COVID to Same Severity as the Flu… But Says You Must Keep Having Vaccines
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has downgraded the severity of the Chinese coronavirus to the same status as the flu, calling for a “unified approach” to treating such conditions.

Covid vaccines cannot be ruled out as cause of cardiac deaths in young and middle-aged, MP says
During a debate in the House of Commons on premature deaths due to heart and circulatory diseases, Philip Davies, Member of Parliament for Shipley, raised the “clear trend” of cardiac deaths in young and middle-aged adults in the UK. One theory, he said, is that these deaths are a result of the population-wide use of covid vaccines.  But “we do not know if that is the cause or not because the data is not being released.”

Klaus Schwab: Your avatar will live after you die and your brains will be replicated with algorithms
At a private World Economic Forum session in September 2022, Klaus Schwab told Global Shapers that their avatar will continue to live after they die and that their brains will be replicated through artificial intelligence. He told the Global Shapers this just months before WEF launched its version of the metaverse.

Germany: Parents of AfD Politician Targeted in Devastating Arson Attack by Government-Funded Antifa Terrorists 
Despite being targeted and falsely labeled as “extremists” by the German government and left-wing media, the AfD faces ongoing threats from left-wing groups like Antifa, which receive financial and political support from these very institutions.

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