A move against diversity?

Almost immediately after starting its term, the Council of 18 which had been celebrated as being the most diverse in history voted to affirm Paul Conn. That is obviously very dangerous to anyone's reputation with the current state of Lee and recent decisions along with all the information that has come out through the TJ assassination attempt. Is it possible that this Council was taken advantage of in order to get a affirmation of Conn before they even got their feet under them as many of them were new? Is it also possible that some new this would damage these men when it came time for them to be elected to a new term? I do not know if this was a veiled move against diversity but it would not be the first time that we have seen manipulation to stop nonwhite brothers and sisters are equually represented in the church. Maybe some in power want to keep black men in Cocoa and in appointed positions of course those appointed have to be willing to play the game. Do you think that the white leaders panicked and had this diverse Council pass a poison pill?

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