After seeing LOTS of talk about the "good old convention…

After seeing LOTS of talk about the “good old convention songs,”and after seeing one accurate observation about the younger crowd not knowing them, I would like to make a suggestion if I may. Teach the old songs and the old ways that you hold dear in a loving and encouraging way. The reason most younger folks don’t like the old way is because many of their elders have and do shove the “old time religion” down their throats like castor oil. If you want to preserve the old ways, show the value to the younger generation in the same manner that Paul taught and mentored Timothy rather than chastising their methods and worship. And be willing to be flexible enough to grow into some newer ways. Just because you are an old dog doesn’t mean you can’t learn at least a few new tricks.
God is timeless. Limiting Him to the past 100 years is doing yourself, upcoming generations, and God a complete disservice and selling God short of the infinite wisdom and might that belongs to Him alone.
Rather than fighting about trivial methods, find ways to unite the way Scripture talked about.

Please read this through the heart it was written with. I HATE the disunity that is poisoning our churches and get frustrated seeing the attitudes that spread this virus so efficiently. I LOVE my brothers and sisters in the CoG and in the Body of Christ. I want to see the Church return to the point of respect and influence it once had. It will only happen if we focus less on these silly debates over style and method and find ways to unite to spread the Gospel that we ALL stand behind.

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