An Evening of Honor

An Evening of Honor

What a treat this week for me and Kathy to join with our retired ministers, widows and widowers for two regional gatherings of fellowship, food and fun. On Monday night we were hosted by Pastors Pete and Flo Petry at Bedico for our southern region and on Thursday night we were hosted by Pastors Ron and Teresa Brown for our northern region. Both evenings were delightful and well attended by the honorees and their pastors!

A special treat was my travels with Bishop Nettles, our spiritcare director to the homes of those who were unable to attend due to health limitations. We visited in the homes of Ruth Turner, Marjorie Jenkins, Fannie Webb and Thomas Collins. I was moved to be in the presence of these faithful servants of the Lord. Sister Fannie Webb is 102 and as coherent as you could believe! She's hoping to make it to April 18th and her 103rd birthday.

Kathy and I humbly recognize how much our lives are enriched by our association with those who are ahead of us. The work of these pastors and leaders has impacted Louisiana and provided a place of ministry for us. People like Virgil and Bobbie Nettles are such important colleagues for us. When I spend time with George Bloomingdale and his wife Freida, I realize how special the fellowship of God's family truly is.

Regardless of years, the value of one human being to another cannot be emphasized enough. It is truly a connection of great worth to us.

I'm grateful to stand alongside these faithful people in the kingdom such Thomas Collins.