Apologetic site called “Therefore God Exists.”

Some months back I was on an Apologetic site called “Therefore God Exists.” The moderator and others on the site seemed quite knowledgeable and friendly until I brought up a sensitive issue. You see there is a Calvinist Pastor in our area who teaches that once you are saved, you can even commit suicide and still be assured of going to Heaven. In fact one of his colleagues apparently made the statement that “once you are saved, you could even die in bed with another man’s wife and still be assured of going to Heaven as you cannot lose your salvation.” Well one of this pastor’s flock took him so seriously that, when the going got rough, he did in fact kill himself. And at the funeral the pastor assured the family that he was in heaven as again you cannot lose your salvation. I am not looking to debate the question of whether or not suicide always results in one going to hell. However it seems to me that the dangers of this sort of preaching need to be addressed in a manner in which the Church becomes a source of strength to those who are struggling. This man seems to instead be in the position of encouraging them to jump off the cliff.

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