“Are You Enjoying God?” Pastor Loran Livingston, October 14, 2018, Central Church, Charlotte, NC

Do you enjoy the Lord and His presence every day of your life or do you only try to please Him with you deeds without seeking personal intimate relationship with Him? God wants to have personal relationship with each one of us. He loves us. And He wants us to bring glory to Him and enjoy Him always. Throughout the Bible we see that people run away from the Lord, as if the Lord’s presence is a destination. (Genesis 3:8, Jonah 1:3). Our God is ever-present God! No matter where you would go or whatever situation you are in now- God is there. Because He is God! He is our loving Heavenly Father, Who is seeking personal relationship with His children and wants us to praise Him & bring glory to Him with our lives and at the same time He wants us to enjoy Him and His presence every day. God loves us!

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