Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries

The Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries in the Philippines has entered into a noticeable time of renewal and expansion. In recent months, the Seminary has experienced a time of transition that is clearly opening new opportunities or theological education in the Global South. With the support of Church of God World Missions, ASCM continues to reach many nations and people groups in Asia/Pacific and beyond. Current leaders of COGWM have invested time, effort, and resources to have the Seminary relocated at an ideal place worthy of the profile and service offered by the school.

Efforts have been initiated to expand the seminary by establishing extension centers in different locations of the Philippines, Asia/Pacific, and Africa. ASCM is implementing a multi-campus model that is now able to reach more students at the workplace and in other contexts of their communities. Today’s churches need well-trained and theologically equipped pastors to meet the demands of contemporary societies. ASCM is also moving online, and reaching an over multi-million populated world.

The ethnicity and the internationality of the student body is noteworthy. The institution is attracting students from countries of the Middle East that currently face political and social unrest. A group of former Taliban scholars, who have been converted to Christ, are in the classrooms and want to be trained as ministers of the gospel. Once ready doctrinally and theologically, they will go back to witness to their own people.

As fully accredited, ASCM has continued to hire Pentecostal faculty and staff that are committed to the doctrines and theology of Pentecostalism. Pray for the faculty and staff that they may accomplish their theological mission to instruct the students.


Project #740-0035