Atheists – do they want to believe? (Long Post. Maybe…)…

Atheists – do they want to believe? (Long Post. Maybe…)

Approx 2 months ago a fb friend posted a challenge for Christians to walk into hospitals to heal the sick. The curve of the the covid-19 infection was getting steeper by the day. This friend is an atheist, a former bible teacher. So as you can guess his other atheist friend joined in his little fray. Heal and we will believe. The God of the Bible is a joke! Actually, any god is a joke but they love picking on Christians – they turn the other cheek, perhaps. I watched, and then I decided to post a question: “Your challenge to Christians – is it so you may believe, or you simply wish to mock?” I post several questions more and they answered. This incident also drove me to watch a few atheists on Youtube. Here are some humble experience to share:

Ask an Atheist “what is your definition of God you say doesn’t exist?”
Aron Ra, in a short interview says God is a mythical creature like a leprechaun. If that’s your definition, hey – we’re on the same side!
Bart Ehrman, in an interview says God of the Bible doesn’t exist but he is unsure of whether a higher power (God?) exist. Turns out, his ‘studies’ show that Jesus was deified by his disciples, particularly Apostle John. So yeah, such a ‘god’ he doesn’t believe. He later admits he’s agnostic atheist. (What?)
What is your definition? We could be arguing on the wrong God, really.

Back to the story, I told them directly that they have NO intention to believe no matter what. The parable of the Rich man and the Poor Man talked of people like you, i typed. The Rich Man, now suffering in hell – was very concerned for his living brothers so he ask that Lazarus be sent back to warn them so they also wont end up in hell as he.
Abraham reply – “They have the scriptures, let them learn.
“Nooooo…. no no no if someone from the dead warns them, they will listen!” – Rich Man explained.
The parable in Luke 16 ends with Abraham saying: : “If they don’t listen to the Scriptures, they will NOT be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.
Jesus rose from the dead – yet you choose not to believe.

I proceed with a hypothetical scenario:
So suppose a woman by the name of Arrasti heard your call – goes into the hospital and within 12 hours, there are no patients left. All healed. Even the guy who got his legs amputated yesterday got his leg back today. Everyone baffled – except Arrasti and… you. Like a good skeptic you are, you hunt down the woman to investigate. She said “I knew you will look for me – I’m a priestess of the Goddess Mraa, she who reside in a world far away. I took up your challenge – now do you believe? All you need to do is burn a candle and simple say ‘I believe'”

When an Atheist asks for proofs today, I suggest you ask them “what is the premise acceptable to you?”
You see, while all these was going on a Christian fellow said he could prove the existence of God with 6 Arguments and began with Design/ Designer, Absolute Morality, etc – separate post each. But each one gets a response of “Boring”, “Lame”, “Outdated”, “Copy n Paste” – Personally i think Cosmological / Design is a very good argument. The Bible itself uses it! But no, not good enough, apparently.

Back to Arrasti, one of them said “YES, I would believe!” but in less than 5 minutes she edited her response to “Yes, provided…
1. Arrasti performs another miracle at another hospital.
2. She isnt the only priestess
3. Those whom she healed – how long before the disease comes back.
4. What are her limitations – could she raise the dead, heal cancer, etc etc?
5. and a list of 5 other conditions.

Arrasti gave the guy back his legs! Still not convinced? Ah, but lay no blame for you see, this friend of my Atheist friend is a scientist. Her faith is based on repeatable evidence and so on. She must be super sure. Take the child safety seat, for example. Countless tests done. Countless upgrades to a design. This and that. This technology and that material all add up to product she could her faith upon. This product will save a child, she said.

Fair enough, How many tests done? Hmmm….
Never mind, let’s just say a million tests done and all successful.
Therefore the 1,000,001th test – it should produce the same result, yes?
This time, let’s put a child in it. You wiling to bet your life the child will be safe?
No? Why not?
You prefer we use dummy child instead? Then how is it you could say you based your faith on a product that saves children when no child was ever used in the test?
Oh, those crash dummy babies provide enough evidence that it is good for any child to use? I see.
But all the Arguments provided to proof the existence of God which are good enough in the court… isnt good? Right…

I suspect I know what Atheists really want Christians to do: that we pull Him down from heaven and say “Tadaaa, here’s God. Now say Hello”
Provide Atheists whatever measuring instruments necessary and ask them to proof that Hitler once existed. Weighing scale, Measuring tapes, thermometer, barometer, all. It’s impossible. Even DNA test will not spell H-I-T-L-E-R for you. Therefore Hitler does not exist.

Oh silly Chistians. We have historical records. We have genealogical record. We have his books. We have eye witnesses. A world event! And look here, if we’re lucky – his tombstone. You could pull Hitler up from the grave, why not pull your God down from heaven?

Mmm… I dont have to. He already did.

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