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facetime vs. face time

facetime vs. face time

A couple of weeks ago, we picked up our daughter, her husband and our 8 month old granddaughter at the airport. They live in Guatemala and serve as missionaries at an orphanage there.  When both my wife and I held our granddaughter, she very deliberately grabbed our faces with both of her hands while she [...] »

Bowling night for preachers #ourCOG

Bowling night for preachers #ourCOG »

Character Traits of a Christian Leader (Part 2): “Developing a Slave Mentality”

THESIS: A Christian leader is a servant = choosing to be a slave of Jesus Christ so that he can be free from the restraints of this world in order to obey Jesus’ commands and serve His interests.        I’d like to preface my remarks by clearly stating that, through I am specifically addressing my [...] »


Laila and I left after worship and a leadership meeting on Sunday. Arriving in Winchester we shared a time with Stewart Wilkerson and the youth leaders of Winchester Church of God. »