Can anyone explain to me what exactly is this New…

Can anyone explain to me what exactly is this New Apostolic Reformation & the 7 Mountain Mandate they teach?

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  1. It’s a perverse misuse of Scripture which exalts man and bids God do what man declares ought to be done.

  2. Never heard of it.
    I don’t believe people that claim to be Apostles.

    You have to see Jesus and be choosen by Jesus to be a Apostle today.

    Nobody can be a Apostle.

  3. This book is all you need for understanding and refuting the New Apostolic movement from a Biblical standpoint. Highly recommend.

  4. Primary areas of disagreement that many Christians have with the NAR are their beliefs about supernatural signs and wonders, apostolic and prophetic offices, receiving new revelation from God (new “words” from God similar to how 1st century apostles heard from God and were inspired by the Holy Spirit), the beginning of the Second Apostolic Age in 2001, and working to bring in the Kingdom of God on earth through the process of the Seven Mountain Mandate (pulling down the blessings of God from Heaven to earth and Dominionism). The book Mark Stanley recommended is one of the best in explaining both the history and the danger of the NAR. You can also read an introduction to NAR history and beliefs here –

  5. NAR is the body of Christ revitalizing the first century Apostolic Authority in the church …it’s best described in Ephesians 4:11

  6. Start with Ephesians 4 verse 11 to get a foundation of what it is.. the Seven Mountains represent seven governments and Seven Kingdoms and there for seven Kings..

  7. Never heard of that, but it sounds like Isaiah 8:20 is in order concerning this doctrine.

    7 mountains sounds like it has something to do with Rome and the pope and the antichrist.

  8. it’s extremely dangerous. They hold to dominionism and a number of other false teachings.

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