World Missions

Paul C. Pitt – The Missionary We Never Knew

Paul C. Pitt’s mission was one of behind-the-scenes—he was never really seen because of his unique circumstances. Paul was born in Germany in 1882, but lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from an early age and was raised as a strict Catholic. Upon being healed of a serious heart condition and a debilitated foot in [...] »

Sunny Varkey

Sunny Varkey, former Overseer for the Church of God in India, Kerala Region, joined his Savior in eternity. His ministry encompassed a wide range of service including Bible School Dean (1984), Office Administrator (1986-1992), Overseer (1992-2002), Education Director (2002-2008), and local pastor and council member. He is survived by his wife, Shirley Sunny, and two children, Gifty Mariam Varki an... »

Danger Zone

I don’t exactly remember when I first saw the words “Danger Zone.” I think perhaps it was a very pronounced sign in orange, with flashing lights, in a hazardous stretch of road in my distant memory. I also recall the word “Caution” being attached to it, and over the years, the two words seem to always be [...] »


I awakened one morning a few days ago, and the first thought that popped into my mind were the words, “Christians need a rebirth of kindness.” I was immediately arrested in my thoughts and began to examine my own life, and though I’ve always considered myself kind, I realized as I studied this beautiful virtue [...] »