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29 thoughts on “China doesn’t like what God’s word say and they plan…

  1. Jerry Sonzogno says:

    The so called or claims to be god emperor wants to rewrite God’s word with communist values, must be very careful to provoke to anger our Lord God or bring the wrath upon China

  2. Eliyahu Benysrael says:

    Considering the source this is likely fake news. Why cant the Chinese just do the Bible the capitalist, American way? Ignore it. Or reinterpret it to justify whatever sin you’re profiting from…

  3. Jerry Richmond says:

    “the capitalist, American way” – how about do the Bible as the Apostles intended it – to be shared freely and sincerely as long as the Gospel is spread?

  4. Jerry Richmond says:

    According to many interpretations it already supports socialism. Our focus should be on bringing others to the Gospel and leave politics alone. As Christians we’re commanded to follow whatever leaders God places over us.

  5. Vincent Poral says:

    if it really happens now lets pray that the great teacher the holy spirit teach us the right way.. even without the bible or scripture the holy spirit will guide us.

  6. Lori McCool says:

    God doesn’t hate the LBGTQP population, but Satan does.

    I thought maybe China didn’t like the part about the billion man army that marches out against the armies of God.

    They are in need of prayer.

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