Church of God, Chattanooga senior youth camp ab. 1961-62 the…

Church of God, Chattanooga senior youth camp ab. 1961-62 the main sports event was a camper vs staff fast pitch softball. The staff included Garland Griffis, Calvin Wigley, the popular Hurst twins, Edmond Stallings, Byrd and I can’t remember the others. Garland Griffis pitched and I mean fast pitch!

Baseball had not been my forte rather I liked football. But at youth camp I was hitting softball fast pitch. I hit several home runs and had many doubles and triples. I played in several senior camps. While I wasn’t much of a fielder I made up in hitting.

I usually took ping pong ribbons, occasional horse shoe and won first place in handi-crafts. Later I would work as staff in handi-crafts and worked in the canteen.

Church of God youth camp memories were the best. I hung out with last names like Spain, Conn, Stallings etc. I was raised with Gary Sharp from Warren County and his brother married my sister, Linda! I had youth camp friends from home as well; Hitchcock, Adcock, I can’t remember them all.

A ragged suitcase, paper sack, sheet, blanket and pillow!!!

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