Church Plant Needs (Philippines)

Good afternoon, everyone.

Some of you might remember the pastors we financially helped to rebuild their church in the Philippines after it was destroyed by Super Typhoon Odette in December 2021. This couple pastors two congregations about an hour away from each other and are currently establishing a new church in another nearby town with a young mentee pastor. This new church was a home fellowship whose 15 new converts and regular attenders have outgrown the house where it was meeting. I wanted to share with you their needs in case the Lord lays it on your heart to bless this young congregation as it focuses on evangelizing and discipling the Philippines.

Church Needs

  1. Amplifier and speakers:
    • Amplifier - $164
    • Speakers - $200
  2. Electric guitar and built-in amplifier:
    • Electric guitar - $182
    • Built-in amplifier - $236
  3. Church building rental - $64/mo

    • This is also where the mentee pastor and her husband sleep from Friday evening to Sunday to accomodate travel. They currently sleep on the altar floor with only a blanket.
  4. To own a church lot and building:

    • Church lot ownership - $7,200
    • Church building construction - $7,200

Mentee Pastor Needs

In addition to the above, the mentee pastors would really benefit from the following items:

  • Mattress - $36
  • Stove and tank for cooking - $91
  • Plastic dining table - $46

These pastors have proven to be faithful pastors with a strong focus on evangelism and discipleship among the poor (<$200 monthly family income) and low-income ($200–$400 monthly family income) socioeconomic classes. They are scheduled to have new converts from all three churches meet at a nearby beach on May 1 to have a baptism service.

If you would like to bless this church plant or its mentee pastor, please consider donating. Information for sending a check or making a payment using your PayPal account or credit card through PayPal can be found on our website. If using PayPal, you may specify which item you are donating to by using the option "I will specify in the 'Note' on the next page." or select Church Plant Needs as this is the only church plant we are currently raising funds for.

Thank you for your prayers for this young church and for praying whether the Lord would be pleased by your financial consideration.

I'll leave you with a couple of photos from the church:

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