commented on Actscelerate today was this from a Church of…

commented on Actscelerate today was this from a Church of God minister:

During the oral segment of my ministerial examination, (Exhorter) in NGA many years ago. One of the brethren examining me stated the following.

“Son, you are a handsome man. One day you will receive a call from a lady who is deathly ill. When you arrive at her house and go into the bedroom. You will find she is NOT sick, and not a lady. When that day comes, RUN! RUN as fast as you can!”

At my hometown church there were two pastors I know who encountered this in the 60’s. Women (don’t know specifically they were church women) called late at night desperately asking for prayer. When they got to the home they were met at the door by a “sick” unclothed woman.

One pastor’s wife told her pastor husband “we’re leaving this place immediately” after a year of pastoring. The other pastor would not make another visit such as this without being accompanied by his wife.

Today it is assumed that all seductions are man made and the women are victims of perverts. However that is not always the truth.

If what I know about two pastors is true how many pastors at my church were victims of these women?

Is this still a problem today?

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