Dr Donald Bowdle was liked by all. He was one…

Dr Donald Bowdle was liked by all. He was one…

Dr Donald Bowdle was liked by all. He was one of the most likable people. However many of COG ministers despised his theology. To them he was Calvinist. However that is not altogether true, he was Keswick Reformed.

The Church Of God kept him on as a knowledgeable lecturer and preacher in the Church of God. I sat in his class, not the brightest bulb in the chandelier! I distinctly remember his statement about once saved always saved. “That a Christian can willfully forfeit eternal life and ultimately be lost is a possibility which the Bible allows. (John 15:1-7; Galatians 5:4) But while the scriptures nowhere admit an “eternal security,” to forfeit eternal life may be more more difficult than is frequently alleged, considering the marvelous spiritual resources in accruement to the believer, e.g., the righteousness of Christ imputed, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and numerous blessings in pursuit of practical sanctification. When God saves and sanctifies us for the sake of His Son, He does not take lightly that copious bestowal of grace.

We become His children, and He our Father; and that relationship so sustained is no tenuous commitment. (see John 10:28; Romans 8:35-39; Ephesians 1:13, 4:30.)”

He stated this in class and recorded for posterity in his book: “Redemption Accomplished and Applied” published at Pathway Press as a Church Training Class #304

This was theological double-speak at it’s finest. He did not believe in backsliding but had to imply that he did however he turned around and explained how it was not really possible. He confused regeneration with sanctification (as well as justification and adoption) He was saying once sanctified always sanctified in accord with reformed theology. This was an elimination of the one word in the Declaration of Faith, “subsequent”.

Donald Bowdle, bless his soul and he may not be resting in peace. He left a big mess for the church of God, one that will never be corrected. The NeoCOG will follow it and another will take it’s place.

A do as you please grace of God rules in the destructive path. An existential heart felt religion is taking over. No one knows if or when they were sanctified and no one will know if or when they lost their sanctificartion. No one will be preaching such a possibility!

He was such a nice man!

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