Dualism Proof: Dualism, the belief that there are two competing…


Proof: Dualism, the belief that there are two competing forces in the world, each competing for supremacy is debunked by the Law of Cause and Effect. Even though it appears that both love and evil exist in the world, there has to be a First Cause from this law. Either evil is the first Cause and love is a temporary intruder or visa- versa. Even men who do not believe in a God of love and righteousness at all seem to be continually troubled at the hatred and cruelty that abound in the world. The only reasonable explanation for such phenomena is that the true creation is good, with evil only a temporary, though powerful, intruder. This in turn means, by cause-and-effect relationship, that God is the First Cause of all reality and Satan only a late-coming disturber of His creation. The Scriptures teach exactly this. The bible concludes with the book of Revelation where God institutes His Kingdom on earth. A loving, holy God wants us to be a part of that kingdom so He sent His Son the remove our sin debt. Please pray: Lord Jesus I believe you took the punishment for my sin on the cross.

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