Dull Moments

Life will NOT be all fun and games, smiles and laughter, or kicks and giggles ... if anyone tells you it will be that's where my personal mission kicks in to inform you that it won't be that way. Now don't get discouraged, life will always have ups, laughs, and fun times but there will always, always, always, be that "dull moment" somewhere in life. You know what I'm talking about, that pause between music tracks or waiting to be seated at your favorite restaurant, so on and so forth we all know what qualifies as a "dull moment" for us as individuals. Getting to my point, What if we took all of life's "dull moments" and made them "Prayer Moments" instead? Think about it, we all know there's power in prayer, like world changing power. So why don't we harness that power and use every minute to its fullest potential?
*Nothing extensive, just food for thought*