Early Christians were all Premillennial

Early Christians were all Premillennial

Premillennialism was the most widely held view of the earliest centuries of the church. Philip Schaff has said, “The most striking point in the eschatology of the ante-Nicene Age (A.D. 100-325) is the prominent chiliasm, or millenarianism, . . . a widely current opinion of distinguished teachers, such as Barnabas, Papia, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Tertullian, Methodius, and Lactantius.” (History of the Christian Church, Scribner, 1884; Vol. 2, p. 614). Premillennialism began to die out in the established Catholic Church during the life of Augustine (A.D. 354-430). http://www.theopedia.com/Premillennialism Premillennialism – Theopedia, an encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity www.theopedia.comPremillennialism – Theopedia, an encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity

John Walters [05/02/2015 12:05 AM] I 100% agree that premillennialism is the stand of teaching in the bible (Rev 20). I also stand by a post tribulations rapture (Math 24) as apposed to pre-trib that most of my Christian friends adhear too

Vernon Soles [05/02/2015 2:32 PM] Guess I’ll see John after the tribulations.

John Walters [05/05/2015 6:00 AM] Unless we get martered as Jesus warns could happen brother, but in that case we will see each other at the resurrection, what a glorious day for the saints!!
There are 21 prophecies still to happen to make the bible correct and inline with the return of Jesus, even though we don’t know the exact hour of Jesus return we have been given the season, that is why a imminent return of Jesus cannot be right because it makes the bible out to be wrong concerning the prophecies yet to be forfilled.

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