Easter 2011

I am gonna take a break from my series of thoughts on "STEP Forward" to share some thoughts about Easter. This is the high holy day for believers in Christ. This one single event changed history, but most importantly has changed countless lives over the past 2000 years. This morning I will be sharing a sermon called "It's True." Though I will be sharing a lot of different things, the most powerful evidence of a risen Christ is a changed life. The story of Paul going from persecuted of the church to persecuted for the church is just on example of what experiencing the resurrection of Jesus can do for one's life. I am a life changed. Perfect, no, not by any means. But what I am, I am by His grace. I have a firm and steady belief today that He is indeed alive forever more. It is the anchor of hope in my life. I pray today that on this celebration of the risen Lord, many will come to the cross and begin a relationship with Jesus Christ.....STEP FORWARD!