Editorial Evangelica Realignment

The International Executive Committee approved a recommendation and the process to realign Editorial Evangélica to Church of God publications (Publishing House, Pathway Press, Dockins Printing).

Editorial Evangélica has been faithfully fulfilling its mission to develop and distribute printed resources in Spanish in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Latin America. All Church of God publications in Spanish are currently facilitated by Editorial Evangélica.

International World Missions Director Dr. David M. Griffis stated during a brief visit to Editorial Evangélica’s Board of Directors meeting: “World Missions is a proud supporter of Editorial Evangélica and believes in the ministry of Editorial Evangélica. We continue to support its mission and vision. Ours has been a longstanding relationship and it serves a significant segment of the Church of God.”

Assistant General Overseer Dr. J. David Stephens affirms that the repositioning of Editorial Evangélica will lead to the expansion of the Ministry of Publications. In his comments, Field Director of Latin America, Dr. Otoniel Collins, says: “This is the beginning of a great enterprise and considerable synergy to expand the COG’s commitment to proclaim the gospel with printed materials throughout the world in Spanish and other languages like Portuguese and French.”

(Source Faith News)