Entrust – another whole level

“When God calls a man He entrust something to him”
― Sunday Adelaja, pastor from Kyiv, Ukraine


There is a difference between trust and entrust.

A huge difference.

For example, trusting someone is not necessarily even a good thing.

You can trust a thief to steal, a liar to lie.

Even at its best, trusting someone is far safer than entrusting someone.

Entrusting someone is risky, frightening, and costly.

Entrusting someone requires taking something you value and placing it in someone else’s hands (control).

It can be a precious possession, it can be giving up some of your control, authority, or even placing your life in someone’s hands.

Yes, entrust is a whole different level beyond mere trust.

But it is also the only way you will be able to make a difference beyond your short reach and it is also the only way to allow others to grow, mature, and experience ownership.

The ONE THING for today: It will be impossible for you to go to the next level until you entrust your current level to someone else.