***Evidence for Christianity Summary Evidence from Logic: We can use…

***Evidence for Christianity Summary Evidence from Logic: We can use…

***Evidence for Christianity Summary

Evidence from Logic:
We can use Logic reasoning and science to establish truth and the existence of God and Jesus.

Universe and Nature cannot be divine since according to science and Logic, they have a beginning.
Law of Causality (Every Effect must Have a Cause) is the foundation of science and reasoning.
Causality is the requirement that there should be no time machines that allow us to go back into our past, and change it.

Since something exists, God must exist, according to the law of Causality.

Nothing material can be eternal according to science, and Logic.
Law of identity: No Effect can be its own cause!
Self creation is irrational and logically impossible!

1- Beginning of the universe:

Roger Penrose: Chance didn’t created the universe.
Initial conditions of the universe are fine tuned to an incredible precision.
We don’t have enough particles in the universe to write down the precision necessary;10×10^123

Volume of the phase space of possible universes: Roger Penrose of Oxford University explains that the creator would have to aim for a very tiny volume of the “phase space of possible universes” to create a universe that resembles our own. This is quite technical science, but we should ask the question: how tiny is this volume? According to Penrose the volume would be 1/10 to the power of X which is 10^123. The precision required to produce a universe that resembles our own is much greater than the precision that would be required to hit one proton if the universe were a dartboard!

2- Beginning of life:
Origins of the Universe, Life, Mind, and Information are big Mysteries for skeptics because their worldview cannot explain anything.

According to scientists from two western universities (Brussels and John Hopkins) , the probability of life arriving by chance, and randomness doesn’t exists when is calculated at 10^79 trillions (power)
In Science all probabilities over 10^50 are considered irrational.

3- Evidence for Jesus Christ:
– Multiple, early, eyewitnesses, independent sources
– Early 10+ multiple sources of evidence in 30-100 years, 22 in 150 years
– Archaeological evidente Claudius Cesar decree
– Multiple eyewitnesses Paul personal interviews the apostles…
– Multiple forms of evidence
– Enemy testimony Tacitus, Josephus, Gospels Thomas, and Peter…
– Embarasing evidence
– Book: Mike Licona Evidence for Resurrection of Jesus
– 4+ group appearances women’s, 2x- apostles, 500+ people
– 1 Corinthians 15, early creed within months of the cross Experts Hurtado, Bochum agree
– EMPTY Tomb
– 20 + reasons to believe
– Reported by women all 4 Gospels, different sources,
Acts 13, Gospels record empty tomb, 1Cor. 15…

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8 August 1931) is an English mathematical physicist, mathematician and philosopher of science. He is Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and an emeritus fellow of Wadham College, Oxford.

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