Executive Committee Statement

Executive Committee Statement

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

The International Executive Committee is fully aware that charges have been brought against a Church of God pastor. The charge was not brought by anyone within church leadership, but by a Lee University faculty member, related to statements presumably made on social media. While these situations are never pleasant, charges being filed against a minister are not uncommon -- and also do not presume guilt of the one accused.

Due to the foresight of the General Assembly, the Church of God Book of Minutes provides a very detailed and established process and procedure that must be followed when charges are levied against a minister within the Church of God. The guidance provided by the Minutes has worked well over the years, eliminating any charge that has no merit and allowing for the process to be carried out when the situation merits such.

To protect the integrity of the process, it would be inappropriate for members of the Executive Committee to comment on any charge that is pending, prior to a final determination by the State Overseer and those that he may appoint to investigate.

While cultural issues have divided other movements, the Church of God General Assembly and the leadership of the church have repeatedly stated that we will not bow to an ungodly culture, but we will stand firmly on Biblical guidance to direct our standard of living. Since the beginning of our movement, we have trusted the Scriptures for our daily living and beliefs - and that is not about to change.

The Church of God is a fundamental, scripturally sound, Pentecostal church. Regardless of the tide of culture and the pressure to yield to the agenda of society, we have not, nor will we give into the LGBTQ or any other liberal agenda.

Our request is that you join us in prayer as the Church of God continues to uphold our commitment to never waiver from Biblical standards and that we will see a mighty harvest of souls in these last days. In addition, prayers are requested for the appointed committee comprised of selected International Executive Council members and selected members of the Lee University board as they work together in dedication and commitment to scripture and doctrine.

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Saturday, January 13, 2024