From After the Coming War with Iran Until the End…

From After the Coming War with Iran Until the End…

From After the Coming War with Iran Until the End of the Seleucid Assyrian Antichrist

By Paul MacDonald RN RMN MA Dip

From After the Coming War with Iran

AFTER the rapidly oncoming war with Iran (Daniel 8:5-7) the west will be successful for a short while only, and *then* it will breakup into 4 (Daniel 8:8, 11:2-4, and 7:1-7)

Alexander’s Kingdom is Coming to its End

The breaking up into 4, this is not something that happened when Alexander died, for his Generals killed Alexander’s children, and then fought for power for 40 years before going their own way and taking Greece to the 4 corners of the Earth. The end in Daniel 8 is not the Eschatological end, but only the end (of the line) of the progeny of the Grecian Rulers. The only time the Eschatological end is mentioned in Daniel is Daniel 12:13.

The collapse into 4 happens when his Kingdom is coming to its end. We are nearing the end of Western (Grecian) Power now. We can see the disintegration and denegration everywhere as we speak.

Collapse of The West (Greece) AFTER War with Iran

This is collapse is directly ahead of us, and it will happen AFTER the coming Daniel 8 war with Iran. This war is not the end of all things, but only the marker for the end of Western rule, and the rise of the 4th (Middle Eastern Based Iron Legged) Kingdom that will be divided between Syria and Egypt, with the 10 Toes representative of the 10 Middle Eastern Kings that immediately surround Israel.

Eternal Alexander

The 4th Beast/Iron Legged/Babylonian Middle Eastern Based Kingdom

The 4th beast *then* becomes the more dominant of the other 3 it rose up “together” with, this will be the iron legged Kingdom of “Syria” and “Egypt” (Daniel 2:40, 7:6-7, 11:5-45). The 4th Beast/Iron Legged Kingdom divided between Syria and Egypt are one and the same.

The Coming 8 Wars Between Syria and Egypt

There will be a series of 8 wars between Syria and Egypt, all fought with horses, chariots, swords, spears, bows and arrows, but they seem to begin after a period of years after the rise of Syria and Egypt Daniel 11:5-6. Egypt becomes the strongest first of the two, and then raises up an army against Syria Daniel 11:7.

Babylon By Dr Andy Woods

This is the beginning of the wars between Syria and Egypt, and from Daniel 11:8-45, they attack each other, and go in and out of Israel (where Israel acts a buffer state between the two) to meet each other in battle until the time of the end.

There will be 8 conflicts in all:

Daniel 11:10 (1st Confrontation)
Daniel 11:11 (2nd Confrontation)
Daniel 11:12 (3rd Confrontation)
Daniel 11:13 (4th Confrontation)
Daniel 11:14 (5th Confrontation)
Daniel 11:15 (6th Confrontation)
Daniel 11:25-26 (7th Confrontation)
Daniel 11:40 (8th and Final Confrontation Daniel)

Though these two Kings will speak lies at the table (Daniel 11:27), their hearts and minds are bent on doing evil only.

Even at the final and most crucial hour in all human and world history, the end will not come, as it is still [as scripture says] for an “appointed” time.

The Great Falling Away at the Final Hour

At this point the King of the North returns to his own land [Assyria] where he will begin to take action against the holy covenant.

Ships of Kittim (the West) Come Against the King of Assyria/Babylon/the North again a 2nd time (Daniel 11:30)

He then returns to his own land and begins to take action against the Holy Covenant, and by paying special regards to those (rewarding them) that leave it (Daniel 11:30-31)

This will be the mass exodus (Great Falling Away) of those that will be lead away by the “smooth” and “fallacious” words of this despicable person upon whom no Kingship will be bestowed (Daniel 8:23-25).

This will be the time of the Great Falling away from the faith, just before the Great Tribulation begins which is recorded in (Daniel 11:32, 2 Thessalonians 2:2-4 ,8b-11, Matthew 24:15-16, and Daniel 11:32).

The Three Kings of the North/Assyria/Babylon

During this period of conflict, there will be only 3 kings of Assyria

1st) Daniel 11:5-19 2nd) Daniel 11:20 3rd) Daniel 11:21-45.

The 3rd king is the Seleucid Assyrian Antichrist, and he comes to power “when sin has reached the limit” (Daniel 8:23), at the end of the co-rulership of the 4 Beasts, and *then* he begins his attack on Israel in Daniel 11:30, and comes to his end in Daniel 11:45 and 7:11.

70 Years Only for the Coming King of the North/Assyria/Babylon and Israel’s Return to the Land

The Rulership of the 4th Beast Iron Legged Kingdom of the King of the North/Assyria Babylon lasts for 70 years only (Jeremiah 25:12) and then Israel returns to the land (Jeremiah 29:10-14, Isaiah 5:26, 11:11-16, 66:20-21, Zechariah 8:7, 10:8 and Ezekiel 37:11-14, *15-28*).

Millenium Temple Stands 3 Years After Days of Great Tribulation

The Millennium Temple will be standing 3years after days of the Great Tribulation, after the 2300 evening and morning (6.4 year) period (Daniel 8:13-14).

Ezekiels Temple Vision

3.5 year Tribulation Period + 3 Year Millennium Temple Rebuild Period After Great Tribulation = 6.4 years (2300 evening and morning period = 2300/360 = 6.4years).

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