Good Friday, April 7, 2023 | 16 Days

Sin is not a regrettable lapse from conventional standards; its essence is hostility to God (Romans 8:7), issuing in active rebellion against him.

__Stott, John. The Cross of Christ

Have you noticed anyone committing a sin lately?

What about you? Have you committed a sin lately–a real honest-to-God sin?

Have you spoken to a sinner lately?

I mean did you think in those terms in the moment or is it just in reflecting back that you say, “You know that was a sin.”

Sin is mostly absent in our world today.

We’ve off-loaded many sins to the government and now they’re crimes. The rest are mostly sicknesses and genetics and need treatment and counseling and the rest are environmental and societal inequities that need more education and funding.

Truth be known, sin has almost been completely replaced in America. No one sins anymore and there are no sinners left.

Maybe that’s why Good Friday is barely mentioned anymore.

Maybe we’re wrong.

The ONE THING for today: If Good Friday is about anything it is about our sins–being forgiven of them and set free from their devastating power and bondage. And thus, Good Friday is only good news to those willing to admit that they are sinners.

Photo by Hugo Fergusson on Unsplash