Homemade News Jam, Part Who Knows?

All the Wordsmitherd addicts must be going through DT's right now, since I haven't written in over three weeks. This is mostly due to an influx of schoolwork and other crap demanding my attention over Wordsmitherd.

Thus, today's post is another one of those "Homemade News Jam" posts. Get ready, because you're about to get three weeks of Matt Smith in about three minutes of reading.


Spring Break 2010 was a relaxing week of Fallout 3, movie watching, bass playing and grilling out. As a recap, Spring Break 2009 also found me playing Fallout 3 all day and grilling out in front of Medlin every night. We also may or may not have rappelled out of trees and off the Humanities clock tower.

And for all those interested, I was intending to take a break from writing during spring break anyway. During and immediately following spring break, I managed to do some reshoots on the Socrates project from last semester, preparing it for entry into the Broad Street Film Festival.

After the reshoots, I spent hours upon hours in the video editing lab, even so far as spending the night in the lab on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, March 30/31. I finished editing and rendering on Wednesday morning around 8:50 and burned the project by 11am. I later took a ride to Chattanooga to turn in the Socrates and P3RRY films, only to realize that I burned the wrong outtakes to DVD under the credits. Oops.

Cleveland weather is utterly retarded. It faked us all out twice before finally turning to nice, sunny, breezy warm weather. I have been hanging outside, sitting in fountains and laying in the grass. Walks along the Greenway and across campus have been wonderful lately. Unfortunately, mere days later and we are already heading into the unbearably hot Cleveland weather.

I've been in the new wing of the Science Building four times in the last month. It's really nice, and all of you are going to like it.

I ate two Easter dinners over the weekend, one at Daniel Pennington's apartment and one at my grandmother's house.

They Came Running had their first radio airtime of all time on Saturday night! That was exciting.

I plan to get a new bass soon. It's a Lakland 55-02 in the Sunburst finish. It's five strings of awesomeness with a 35" scale neck for better Low-B resonance. It's going to be sick.

Coheed and Cambria is coming out with a new album, and I am beyond excited.

Last night, I saw "How To Train Your Dragon" after a ridiculously amazing driving adventure [more on that later.] The visuals were beyond amazing and the story was captivating. I loved it, and would probably buy it when it comes out on DVD.

Man, "Ocean's Eleven" is an amazing movie, and "Boston Legal" is one of the best shows [no longer] on television.

That's about the best encapsulation of the last three weeks I can think of. I know it's scattered, but at least it's a fix for the Wordsmitherd addicts out there. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things soon.