How is going to the Church of God like going…

How is going to the Church of God like going to the Cracker Barrel Restaurant?
At the Cracker Barrel there is a deliberate attempt to create an old time feeling.
Last night on the wall I saw signs that said; Honey-Nut 5 Cents, Dexters Bread, both of which have been out of business for many years. There were black and white pictures that made us think of grandpa and grandma.
Other signs said, F R M Feeds, Golden Shell Motor Oil and Leadway Soap Grains 15 cents; none of which they have ever sold. Out in the retail section there were hundreds of products that appealed to nostalgia, to those warm fuzzy feelings deep within our memory.
It’s worked, C B has been a big winner on the stock market for many years.

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