I am new here, and I recognize that the CoG has some warts, but…

Why is it, that on this forum, the posts that are sensational about happenings in the CoG, generally speaking, get more attention than posts over theological/doctrinal/Christian life? Thoughts?

I am relatively new to this forum. I don't have an account on the old system, but I have read many threads over there. There are exceptions, but mostly this forum seems to be folks complaining about things going on the denomination. I am not saying I don't share in some of those concerns, and that we shouldn't voice the concerns. It just feels like we're forgetting that people we disagree with are still Christian brothers in Christ.

Any denomination (or non-denomination for that matter) is going to have issues, and no matter what group you might be a part of, you're not going to like something that is going on. I am a CoG pastor, and I disagree with some things, and I don't like some things that have happened, even to me within our denomination, but praise the Lord, we're not a denomination that is even remotely close to going the way of other denominations like the United Methodist Church. We believe in the authority of Scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. A lot of denominations are going the way of the world, but the CoG is not one.

Here is an example: I posted a question a few days ago about tithing, that got one response. It is a genuine question seeking answers. The posts since then have been about things going on in the church at large and are sensational, and they have a lot more comment. Is that what this forum is for, or should we be spending even more time being "iron that sharpens iron"?

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