I have a problem with the word “temptation”. I think…

I have a problem with the word “temptation”.

I think you have to look at the translation and how the word is meant in different situations.

To say Satan TEMPTED Jesus is really to say he put forth something he believed Jesus would like, but in reality Jesus had no intention of accepting Satan’s offer so I wonder if “tempted” as used here is a correct translation.

I can “tempt” you with a bag of heroin, but if you are not a drug addict (which I sincerely hope not) am I really tempting you if you have no intention of accepting it?

However, if you love ice cream (and who here doesn’t?) If I put forth a giant bowl of 10 scoop ice cream with different flavors and “tempt” you with it in exchange for the watch you are wearing, then this is the correct wording as you woud want the ice cream.

Am I on the mark or way off?

Please educate me.

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