I have read a lot of positive and negative reaction…

I have read a lot of positive and negative reaction about the online preaching and sermons we are forced into these days because of the Covid-19 world we are living in. Consider this, my brothers and sisters…..
One hundred and fifty years ago if you told any preacher that there was a way to reach thousands, if not millions, of people instantly and all you had to do was stand in front of a camera, I am sure they would have dropped to their knees and praised the Lord for giving them a way to spread the gospel to so many.
Easter Sunday, we did just that.
Don’t look at the limitations of what this virus is doing, but consider it a creative challenge by God to get His word out. It’s not different than Jesus standing on a mountain and preaching to a handful of people and then watching His words spread.
God bless all of you and Amen. We are truly in this together.

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