I have seen articles of drugs and violence on the…

I have seen articles of drugs and violence on the rise, child abuse, relapsing, a result of stress and loss of work identity or financial stress. During times of pestilence, people would call upon the name of the Lord, though things have not gotten that bad yet. We are just exposed, a mirror held up to us to see who we really are, and set loose upon the family.

People are being forced to deal with those within the home they are supposed to shepherd and protect, to lead and love, but some are becoming something more sinister.

i think this situation has forced exposure upon us as a nation. without the identity of work…. we are all forced to be, during our day, who we really are towards those we purport to love the most, and without airs that comes with being in public, and within the crucible of worry. For some, a blessing, for others, a wake up call, and for still others, a situation that is now boiling over. I find that an interesting and almost purposeful byproduct of this virus. Thoughts?

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